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Modes of the Master's Degree in SME Management

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The Master's can be followed through two modes of delivery:

Full-time attendance on site

Full-time attendance on site of the Master's Degree in SME Management

All Master's activities require a component of on-site attendance, and take place in the Business Studies School of the university, where we have a dedicated lecture theatre for the development of theoretical sessions, three computer rooms, an Assembly Hall where conferences and round tables will take place, an audiovisual room, reading room, library, etc.

In general, activities will take place from Monday to Thursday from 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm. However, seminars, visits to businesses and entities and other occasional activities can take place at other times which will be published in the corresponding section of the Master's website and also sent by email to registered students.

Additionally, students and lecturers extend their community of learning beyond these physical work spaces to the virtual environment, interacting via an online-training platform.


Part-time offsite mode

For those persons who, due to lack of availability due to circumstances of time or geographical distance, cannot attend on a full-time basis, we have 10 places available which will allow them to complete the programme, reducing to a minimum the requisite attendance time in the educational Centre and acquiring the same skills and identical degree as they would do with full-time on-site attendance.

With the part-time mode you will be able to align your studies with your professional agenda and personal life. The teaching activity will be delivered via an online training platform, which will act as a means of communication between the student and the overall training environment. This training will be achieved with the supervision of tutoring from lecturers in each subject area, who will take care of facilitating access to the specifically-prepared materials as well as the completion of individual follow-up activities in the learning process.

Students will have the up-to-date information on the concepts being currently studied each time, audiovisual materials, links to notices, articles, exercises, etc. The lecturers will guide them and suggest additional activities, according to the topic being studied or worked each time.

Nevertheless, on an exceptional basis, you may be required to be present in the educational Centre at determined periods of the training. In particular:

  • Each subject area will be able to propose the completion of, at a maximum, one session in attendance for events of special significance (conferences, visits to companies, etc.) or for the presentation of the methodology and content, tutorial group and the appropriate didactic approach.
  • For assessment purposes, various exercises, work and activities, etc. will be completed according to the requirements of each distinct subject area, but in all cases it will be necessary to be in attendance for the final exam, which will be held in the Centre at the date and time which will be published at the appropriate time.
  • The Practicals part of the subject area will be completed in some company or institution in person, which can be selected in the area where the student is residing. In addition, students who wish to do so may propose a company wherein they wish to complete their work placement and the Centre will take care of the timely processing of the agreement. It is also possible to ask for recognition as validation of this placement through the exercise of a professional activity which is clearly related to the specialism of the Master’s, for a minimum period of 6 months.