Official Master's Degree in SME Management
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Strong points of the Master's Degree in SME Management

"In questions of culture and knowledge, you only lose what you guard and only win what you give."

Antonio Machado

Integral training with practical orientation

Respond immediately to the current demands from business as regards training of professionals. This is reflected in the Master's evaluation report prepared by the assessment committee on the occasion of the recent accreditation of the degree (March 2015). In the section titled "Aspectos mejor valorados" (most valued aspects), the fact is emphasised that an effort was made to have the Master's content conform to actual business requirements and that this is how it has been viewed and expressed by groups of former students and employers.

Global view interconnected with the general business environment and the different areas that they form: It covers in a cohesive way the main areas of the business, identifying tools, concepts and models which help decision-making which take into account the existing interdependencies in a globalised and interconnected economy.

Professional work placement in companies and institutions to put into use the value of the skills learned: the placement period offers our students a solid base for professionalisation, increasing their prospects for finding employment. This is one of the aspects most valued by our students, both by those who are encountering the world of work for the first time, and for those who have previous professional experiences and who see the placements as an opportunity for change in their prior professional trajectory or, simply, a way of strengthening expertise and skills acquired through previous work experiences.

Personalisation and orientation to entrepreneurship

Designed expressly so that persons with different profiles and skills can obtain maximum advantage from taking the Master's course: development of managerial skills, conforming to the particular characteristics, training and professional experience of each participant.

We concentrate on developing an entrepreneurial spirit, bolstering key skills like the culture of innovation, assimilation and change management, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal relations, analytical reasoning, etc. In other words, those key skills necessary both to establish your own entrepreneurial initiative and to bring added value and respond to the challenges of organisations already in existence.

A methodology and structure of content which is complete and up to date

Our team of lecturers, which combines faculty of recognised standing with professionals from companies and public administrations, has been carefully selected to offer you not only profound theoretical reflection on current management tools, but also practical knowledge from professionals who know the business reality very well, which results in being very useful for your establishment in entrepreneurial processes.

The eminently-practical methodology employed is oriented to bolster the necessary abilities for entrepreneurship and career development in the business world, i.e.:

  • Reinforce capacity for reflection and creativity, setting in place techniques oriented to the generation of innovative ideas.
  • Apply the modern techniques of “design thinking” for identification of problems and the search for solutions.
  • Generate a dynamic of an interchange of experiences, both among students themselves and with lecturers.
  • Use prototyping techniques to prove the validity of business models analysed.
  • Promote teamwork and group leadership for the achievement of goals.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and abilities for interpersonal relations, communication and negotiation.
  • Locate information of interest on clients, competitors and potential partners and on new technologies and new opportunities.

You will acquire experience through the completion of a development project of an entrepreneurial initiative, preparing its corresponding business plan and working on this with the help of a tutor who will guide you during its completion. The project constitutes a vitally-important tool in the learning process since it enables transfer of expertise and skills acquired to a real entrepreneurial initiative.