Official Master's Degree in SME Management
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Applicant's Profile for the Master's in SME Management

"If you have university training and wish to create an SME in the future or take a position of responsibility for one of these, then this Master's is for you".

The Master's in SME Management is directed at graduates with prior university training, in areas which are not necessarily related to entrepreneurial activity. The only requirement is that they are inquiring, and open-minded persons who are tolerant of change, and that they are interested in orienting their future career toward the world of business, and that, ultimately they seek to prepare themselves and broaden their knowledge to bring added value to a company.

The only requirement is to be the holder of an official university degree, which authorises access to the teaching of the Master's and entrepreneurial skills. If this is the case for you, this Master will help you to set all your projects into motion.

The Master's is designed in a format so that our students can capitalise and benefit to the maximum from it, both those who already have training and/or experience in topics related to management and those who have been studying in different areas distinct from business, and who wish to create a SME (a law firm, an analysis laboratory, a language centre and so on), or simply to broaden the range of professional opportunities choosing to work in positions not directly related to their previous education or training.

The content, focus and methodologies are oriented to the acquisition of the most highly-demanded skills and abilities in the environment in which business is currently carried out, for students with any of the following profiles:

  • Persons with knowledge and/or professional experience in the world of enterprise, who need additional training, to acquire new tools, criteria and methods of current management, in order to enter into the labour market under the best conditions or, if already active professionals, to qualify for positions with greater responsibility.
  • Persons with training in areas distinct from business, who need additional training to empower them for a professional career in the business world.

Furthermore, we promote the participation of foreign students, reserving room for students external to the European Higher Education Area.