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Career opportunities of the Master's Degree in SME Management

"To be successful you don't have to do extraordinary things. Do ordinary things extraordinarily well."

Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur

The Master's in SME management will increase your professional abilities, equipping you with specialised expertise in the skills needed for completing and adapting your profile to the requirements demanded today by businesses.

The completion of the Master represents a large door to enter the world of work, fundamentally via two routes: the completion of external practicals and the participation of numerous professionals from the world of business who teach content from several of the Master's subject areas.


    More and more businesses in our area contact us so that we will disseminate their offers of work to our Master's students and who call for students for work placements as a way of assessing them in view of offering a contract.


    External guest speakers not only offer the possibility to our students to learn at first-hand about business experience, but also, frequently, make the most of their time in our class rooms to select students for the completion of practicals and encourage them to send their CVs to apply for new positions in one of their businesses.

These are some of the companies who have used our group of students for their processes of staff selection:

  • ARTAI, one of the best independent insurance brokers in Spain.
  • AVANZA, a Spanish multinational specialising in business solutions and outsourcing of services and processes.
  • DPI Consultores, Dirección Por Implicacion S.A. (Consultant Company)
  • SOTRONIC Innovation Technology, S.L., company belonging to the environment of high-quality IT services, owner of smart document management program DF-Server.
  • ITERA TÉCNICA, S.L., a technology-based entrepreneurial venture.
  • AUTRONIC, a telecommunication-services company.
  • SYNTELIX, a company of the Autronic Comunicaciones S.L. Group, provider of telecommunication services.
  • BALANZAS MARQUES S.L., a Portuguese company established in Spain, part of the multinational corporate group José Pimenta Marques.

In short, the actual placement of our students into the world of work constitutes a real priority for us. To do this, we carry out various actions oriented to integration into the labour market and or improvement and development of the professional career.

  1. Firstly, Vigo’s Business School (EUEE) has a long history of association and connection with the area's business fabric (in fact, the Centre was established almost 100 years ago on the initiative of the Town Hall of Vigo, the Chamber of Commerce and businesses in the city) and has been a pioneer in the establishment of practices in business and, consequently, maintains a broad network of contacts with businesses and other bodies, which allows us know at first hand which profiles are in demand so that we can adapt our study programmes. As a result of this history of connections is the great number of agreements for the completion of practicals which act as a bridge between the business and academic world, identification of companies which call for candidates from their profiles (and the transfer of this information to students, so that they can apply and submit their candidatures) and the celebration of various acts, forums and round tables, designed to put companies and candidates in contact with each other.
  2. Secondly, the Master's counts in its faculty several lecturers who are professionals working in the business world, who deliver their content bringing a practical slant, on the basis of real cases, sharing their experience with our students and providing first-hand information pertaining to the current requirements of the businesses.
  3. Besides having access to external practicals and to information on offers of work received in the Centre, in order to tackle integration into the work environment under the best conditions, our students participate in "employability sessions", a specialised programme of coaching oriented to the search for work in which we teach them how to prepare a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, personal promotion through social networks like LinkedIn, use of tools for online job searches, preparing job interviews, etc.
  4. Finally, from our management of the Master's we are conducting a study on work placement of our former students, with the aim of having available a coherent set of employability indicators and to identify possibilities for improvement. On the basis of this study we have discovered that the profile of work positions is very broad (we have students working in various activity sectors) and we have organised a round table so that former students, who have taken up management roles or have started their own business project, come and talk about their experiences with our students in the current class year.

Some of our students who have started their entrepreneurial project:

Enzo di Piettro
Guillermo Prado Rial: he manages the clothing company Enzo Di Piettro, which was awarded by the Nuevas Generaciones de Vigo in collaboration with the foundation Fundación Once, as Proyecto Emprendedor (entreprise project) of 2013 in Vigo.


A Flor de Piel Cosméticos
Francisco Javier Leirós Pinzas: A Flor de Piel Cosméticos, a distribution company of ecological cosmetics products.



Companies which have given contracts to Master's students:
  • KPMG (logotipo) (logotipo) Magdalena Koprovska
  • Sotronic - Informática Profesional (logotipo) (logotipo) Alba Gómez Tato
  • Itera Técnica, S.L. (logotipo) (logotipo) Marta Gómez Tato
  • Carrick (logotipo) (logotipo) Patricia Mourón Rivas
  • NH Hotel Group (logotipo) (logotipo) Aitana Álvarez Gómez
  • Avanza (logotipo) (logotipo) Beatriz Fresco Martínez
  • ABANCA (logotipo) (logotipo) Virginia Díaz Seara
  • Enxenia - Ingeniería de Procesos (logotipo) (logotipo) Federico DomÍnguez Rey
  • Faurecia (logotipo) (logotipo) Alejandro Malvar Arias
  • DELTACARGO, S.L. - Transporte Internacional (logotipo) (logotipo) Eric Fagundes Otero
  • DPI Consultores (logotipo) (logotipo) Diego de la Fuente Santirso
  • Ana Leirós Pinzás (logotipo) Ana Leirós Pinzás
  • Antía Castro Méndez (logotipo) Antía Castro Méndez
  • Mecano Sport, S.L. (logotipo) (logotipo) Rodrigo Villar Bonamusa
  • Autronic (logotipo) (logotipo) Rocío Trigo Campelo
  • Oftega (logotipo) (logotipo) Andrea Penela Diéguez
  • Menaga (logotipo) (logotipo) José Manuel Cuñarro Novoa
  • Gas Natural Fenosa (logotipo) (logotipo) José Daporta Álvarez
  • Satec (logotipo) (logotipo) Jacobo Villar Pombo
  • Syntelix (logotipo) (logotipo) Flora Comesaña Domínguez
  • Alento (logotipo) (logotipo) Yago Antolín Abalde
  • Diputación de Pontevedra (logotipo) (logotipo) Silvia Castro Garrido
  • Ruth Baliño González (logotipo) Ruth Baliño González