Official Master's Degree in SME Management
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Objectives of the Master's Degree in SME Management

Augment your possibilities for professional development

General Objective

In a globalised and tremendously uncertain environment as is currently the case, business management is becoming more and more complicated and unpredictable. Success in business largely depends on the ability of its executives to manage the resources available in an effective way and that implies the need for professionals who are capable of confronting new challenges through the acquisition of skills, ability and attitudes which are appropriate for entrepreneurs (innovation, creativity, ability for decision-making, orientation toward action, and so on), and who ultimately know how to take advantage of the business opportunities which arise in current globalised and interdependent markets.

The Master's in SME Management has been designed precisely to respond to this new demand from the professional market: the need to achieve a high level of specialisation and an improvement in the abilities of professionals who are going to develop their professional activity in the business world, and in particular, in the environment of SMEs which make up the largest part of the current industrial fabric.

In this new scenario, there are no single solutions. What is required is being prepared to be able to face complex situations and to act rapidly. Foster an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude to management which enables change to be accepted, to live with uncertainty and to resolve complex problems.

To do this, our aim in this Master's is to provide integral training which will allow students get closer to the most current reality of the business-world panorama, bringing a global and strategic planning vision to business activity and equipping them with a wide range of analysis tools and the ability to take decisions, mainly via an experiential-learning model.

For all those who wish to start their own business this Master's is a good investment and will help them define and improve their personal projects.

It is also for all those persons with potential for business, who wish to reinforce their leadership skills to access various management positions, in any area whatever of the company where professionals with these skills are required to confront the challenge of the current context.

Specific objectives

The official Master's degree in SME management will allow you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the economic, legal and social environment in which the company operates, from a global perspective.
  • Develop an integral view and the necessary skills for the management and running of SMEs: the general operation of the companies and the techniques for managing their resources.
  • To know the main areas of SMEs and the specific management models for each one of these.
  • To obtain a general overview, with a practical focus, of how information and communication technologies (ICT) can contribute to improving business management, analysing the main applications which allow information and knowledge to be exploited, generated both inside and outside the company, the critical factors to be considered for its implementation and its potential benefits.
  • Dominate the analysis tools necessary for taking effective decisions.
  • Identify business opportunities, research the potential and set it in motion.
  • Design a marketing plan that conforms to the requirements of the company.
  • Develop and bolster the proper personal aptitudes and attitudes for the executive task: knowledge-management, innovation, creativity, teamwork, decision-making and commitment, etc.
  • Ultimately, deepen your knowledge of the business reality we confront, and acquire the necessary skills for better professional development to bring value to your business.