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Practicals Guaranteed
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Practicals guaranteed

We guarantee to our students the achievement of professional practicals in companies and in institutions. The period of practicals, remunerated in some cases, serves to enhance and validate the skills acquired and gives our students a solid base for professionalisation, increasing their possibilities for finding employment. This is one of the best aspects valued by our students: in some class years several of whom have obtained a permanent contract in the company once they have finished their period of work placement.

What do we offer?

A Unique Opportunity Which Will Contribute To Your Professional Success

The Master's degree in SME Management is an official postgraduate degree of the Universidad de Vigo, designed with a very practical focus and oriented to the reality of SMEs.

Our aim is to provide integral training which will allow participants get closer to the most current reality of the world panorama of business, bringing a global and strategic planning vision to business activity and equipping them with a wide range of analysis tools and able to take decisions, mainly via an experiential learning model.

For all those who wish to start their own business this Master's is a good investment and will help them define and improve their personal projects.
It is also for all those persons with potential for business, who wish to reinforce their leadership skills to access various management positions in any area whatever of the company.

Why complete this Master's?

Know The Subject
Knowledge is your best ally and we can help you.
The Keys to Success Are In Your Hands
You will know the keys to success in business and the ways to put them into practice.
We Train Managers
You will take part in a programme designed to train managers with entrepreneurial mindsets and the ability to innovate in the management of companies.
Step Up Your Adaptation
Increase your ability for adaptation faced with new challenges that lie in store for us in the business activity.
An Enriching Experience
Have a uniquely enriching experience with us which will contribute to your professional success, open many doors for you and help you build your network of contacts.
Adapt It To Your Availability
Furthermore, you will be able to have training compatible with your professional activity, with no geographical or temporal limitations, developing your overall knowledge and ability at any time or in any place.

How do we do it?

The type of teaching staff is combined. Some are lecturers with an excellent academic profile, both from the Universidad de Vigo as well as from other Spanish universities.

The others are outstanding professionals from the corporate and public administration world, who, based on personal experience, introduce to the lecture theatre real problems for current business activity.

The basic content of this Master are those typical of the course content of degrees denominated as MBAs, although oriented to the specificities and characteristics proper to SMEs, combined in an inter-functional way with a global vision, and fully complying, offering only those which are truly going to generate value in the development of your professional career: Strategic management of SMEs, Commercial and Marketing Management for SMEs, Human Resources Management, Information Sources and Resources for SMEs, Tax, Accounting for SMEs and family companies etc.

Period of work placement in companies, adjusted to the profile and preferences of the participants, and completion of a business project, with its corresponding business plan.

Several methodologies of training are combined: expository method, team work, case studies, seminars, visits to companies, and so on.

We promote new technologies: experimentation with ICT solutions (ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, etc.), based on agreement with provider companies.

Two modes of delivery: On-site full-time attendance (30 places) and on site part-time (10 places).

Timetables: Mondays to Thursdays, 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Who is the target audience?

  • Graduates with previous university experience, in areas not necessarily related to business activity nor with entrepreneurial concerns.
  • Persons with knowledge and/or professional experience in the world of enterprise, who need additional training, to acquire new tools, criteria and methods of current management to enter into the labour market under the best conditions or, if already active professionals, to qualify for positions with greater responsibility.
  • Persons with training in areas distinct from business, who need additional training to empower them for a professional career in the business world.

What do people say about us?

Consult Opinions

What are our strong points?


Integral training with practical orientation.


Personalisation and orientation to entrepreneurship


A methodology and content structure which is complete and up to date



A broad network of contacts with companies and other bodies


An excellent cohort of lecturers of recognised standing


A specialised training programme oriented to job-seeking


Collaborating entities


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