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Welcome to the Master's Degree in SME Management

We have a natural talent for some things but we have to learn others

Sidney Lumet, American Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Graduation ceremony of the Master's Degree in SME Management

The Master's degree in SME Management is an official postgraduate degree of the Universidad de Vigo, conforming to the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) designed with a very practical focus and oriented to the reality of SMEs which make up the vast majority of our industrial fabric.

Our objective is to train professional who are capable of adapting to the new challenges that lie in store for us in the current economic context, which oblige companies to act under the pressure of increased competitive demands, in an environment of uncertain work, where the only constant is change along with the continuous obsolescence of expertise that we acquire.


The SMEs, a real driver of the economy, cannot remain immune to this scenario and this is precisely the objective of this Master's programme. We focus on helping with their current and future management in order to improve their skillset, to develop attitudes like initiative, working in teams or to critical capacity, and to acquire the essential tool to manage the complex business reality successfully. We deal with critical aspects such the use of technology in business processes, decision-making, leadership and innovation, and so on. This allows our students to navigate easily through the current ever-changing world of business.

Why complete this Master's?

  • Knowledge is your best ally and we can help you.
  • You will learn about the keys to success in business and the ways to put them into practice.
  • You will take part in a programme designed to train managers with entrepreneurial mindsets and ability to innovate in the management of companies.
  • You will increase your ability for adaptation faced with new challenges that lie in store for us in the business activity.
  • You will have a uniquely enriching experience with us which will contribute to your professional success, open many doors for you and help you to build your network of contacts.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to have training compatible with your professional activity, with no geographical or temporal limitations, developing your overall knowledge and ability at any time or in any place.

Renewed accreditation of the Master's

The Council of Universities, through its Commission for Verification and Accreditation, in its meeting of 11 March 2015, resolved to renew accreditation for the official degree of the Master's in SMEs awarded by the Universidad de Vigo.

Renewed accreditation of the Master's Degree in SME Management